Read the Descriptions for each song below!

Don't Cuss!

The original song that started it all! The “Don’t Cuss!” rap!


Th original song that explains the power our words can have for good!

You can do anything

The original song that gives hope that we have the power to do anything we set our minds too!

Album currently not released… (Try back later)

New Album Release!

The No Cussing Club’s first ever original full length music Album! Includes 7 inspirational songs.

1.) Don’t Cuss

2.) Waves

3.) You can do anything

4.) Push

5.) Substitution Song

6.) You can!

7.) God will make us Great!

to change lives

All Seminars not scheduled just yet… (Try back later)


The No Cussing Club puts on 6 seminars a year! Choose to attend one or more of the 3 options below! 

Kids ranging from elementary school to middle school are best suited to come! However,  all ages are welcome!

Magic w/ a message:

McKay will perform various magic tricks, juggling, unicycling and all the while tying it in with his message. That message being there is “magic” in being kind to others, making a difference, and using clean language. It is 45 minute presentation. 

Music Sing Alongs:

Mckay performs all of his original music. He includes the stories behind each of the songs. He includes everyone there in the performing of the songs! There is percussion instruments he give some participants the chance to join in with!

sports lessons:

McKay has always loved sports! They are an integral part of his story and message. In this seminar McKay will be showing sport tricks and having activity’s involving participants that teach valuable morals and values!

We will see you there!!