O’Pickles E Book


OH PICKLES! Sassafras, Barnacles,
& other G-rated substitutes for cuss words.
(Over 100 substitutes, from A to Z)
The perfect gift for your “Better Half”, the Office Offender, that Special Relative, and anyone else you’d like to give the “hint” to.
 “What other words can I use?”

  Its our most frequently asked question!
“I want to stop cussing.  But its hard to quit cold turkey.  Do you have any suggestions of other words I can use?”

We have responded to thousands of e-mails like this.

While the goal is to control our anger and our tongues, we understand that sometimes you have to take small steps to reach a goal.  So we’ve compiled a list of over 100 substitutes into an Ebook for you or that special someone you know.

WARNING! Using these words instead may actually cause you to burst out laughing and actually defuse your anger and the situation.


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