Online Courses

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Why online curriculums?

Online education is increasing in popularity across the world. More and more kids/parents are preferring the online format because of its ease and valuable information it offers.

  • Experience: over 13 years inspiring and teaching
  • Reputation: Known worldwide for the values taught
  • Guide Experience: Mentoring kids since age of 14.

What You Get

Online access to a proffesionaly done and teachers certified curriculum. Includes music, worksheets, certificates, etc. A great for kids to learn how to make a difference over and over again!

  • Worksheets: To fill out and submit to increase learning
  • Accessible: Can be viewed wherever there is internet
  • Great Values: Clean language, respect, and integrity


It's Time to Start Your adventure

Click the pictures below to learn more about each curriculum and what it offers! Each picture certifies it for either kids or adults!


Think before you act

learning to make decisions that will help you and others!

Time managment

Learning to make time work for you!

Importance of Family

Learning to work together with your sibling and parents. Finding your role in your family!


Learning to make the right choice, even when no one is watching.