About us

Our Mission

“To change the world through civility and intentional use of communication.”

I am 27 years old, recently married, and have received my bachelors in the communication field. A lot has happened since the beginning of The No Cussing Club.

My focus now is what our mission states. I plan on doing that through the various services on our website: assemblies, business trainings, coaching, books, online curriculums, music, etc.




McKay Hatch

Our Core Values

Our core values began with the words, “Don’t Cuss!” But has now evolved into much more. In fact, it’s what the club was doing all along.                                                                                              

Empowering ourselves and others through…

  • Civil Communication
  • Showing Respect
  • Constant Integrity

Extraordinary Experiences

For Assemblies and School experiences, we strive for excellence in story telling, teaching morals/values and character building.

In business and organization trainings are focus is to share content and models that improve communication; with yourself, your team, and your organization.

McKay Hatch & The no cussing club

In my transition from elementary to middle school, I noticed a drastic change in the use of foul language; from my peers and teachers. I challenged my friends not to cuss and what I know call my “true” friends obliged. Later, in the eighth grade those same friends came back to me and said, “It’s because of you we don’t cuss!” I thought that was pretty cool and wondered who else I could influence with that one simple message “Don’t Cuss!” Alas, The No Cussing Club was born!

      There is a great deal of events that could be talked about here (which is what I go into at my speeches) but I will say what I think would be helpful. 

We started with 50 members at our first meeting to now over 60,000 members worldwide. The club received official proclamations for a “Cuss Free Week” in our city of South Pasadena Ca, Los Angeles County, and the state of CA. 

We started getting people from all over the world. Even media stars reaching out that wanted to interview me and sign up for the club. Hulk Hogan signed for the club, Ryan seacrest interviewed me, MSNBC, Dr. Phil, and even The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno!

Of course, the club wasn’t without opposition. The swearing and bullying increased at school. We received death threats, hate mail, bomb threats etc. We still to this day receive many of these. The club decided to persevere despite the heavy backlash.

Well, here is the nuts and bolts of the clubs story. Hope it was helpful. If you would like to have McKay come speak and or train, fill out a submission form on the assembly page! Thank you

-McKay Hatch                                                                                             “Leave people better than you found them!”

Cuss Free Week Proclamation
Hulk Hogan